Spain, my home, my bed, 08:30 am, I’m sleeping, and the phone starts to ring. I picked up it:

– Dude, fuck fuck fuck you gotta see what I’ve just invented!!
– Let’s see, it´s 08:30, you just get me awake and I’m not gonna buy you anything… by the way, who are you??
– Fuck man, I’m your friend Steve Trabajos (Spanish for “Jobs”), you know, how not to remind me? I invented stuff that they were already invented but I put an stick with an apple shape behind…
– Ah, sure! you should say it before! what do yo want?
– Well, I’ve just invented the device of the century, I’m gonna triumph on the market… you’ll see when my entourage of fans hear about this…

Oh my God, there’s trouble brewing…

– See, it’s a computer, but all the devices are in the screen…
– Yeah…
– And to save energy, I’ve put in it the Ifone S.O.
– Aham…
– So, would you guess how call it?
–  Surprise me
– Wait for it… Ypad!! and the best of all, the bitten apple sticked behind!
– Oh, what a surprise…

I told him, “don’t sleep face to pillow, cause later you’ll miss oxygen”. But he was always a reckless, and this way he goes…

– Are you there or aren´t you?
– Well, what do I got more interesting to do than listening to you a Monday at 8:30 in the morning?
– Ah ok, so, as I was telling you, in addition, it has an innovation
– Let me guess, you’ve put it legs!
– Haha, no man no. What I’ve done has been to take off those uncomfortable USB connectors, because they don’t work for anything.

– Mm… hey Steve.. you’re a dumb but moreover hardened, what’s worse. Let’s see, little dumb (he’s on the earth because is necessary that there is of everything), when you innovate in something, is about you add some things to improve the product, not to take off essential things!!

– Don’t worry, the USB is not used…
– Ok, let me show you… do you remember the holydays that you spent in your private island?
– Yes.
– And do you remember the pictures you took?
– Sure!
– Ok big man, now send them from your cam to your Ypad.
– Ouh… mm… shit, I hadn’t realized! Well, when I’ll have get fed of sell it like hot cakes, I’ll invent another that will be completly the same but, this time with an USB. It would be great, wouldn’t it?

I told it, this man is dumb, dumb and hardened.

– By the way, you could call it “GiantIfone” instead of Ypad, couldn´t you?
– No man, the name has to start with “Y” for having an atraction to pull the crowds in.
– Ahh, sure, so, what about the prize?
Well, you know, as I want to increase my capital… I’ll send it for one million of bucks…
– That’s good, a cheap thing…  Now look, I’ll give you an advice, and for free moreover: Don’t get me awake again to tell me an idea that you thougt while you were having a shit!! And by the way, there’s something that I’d like to know, that piece of junk so complex and so expensive… what did you design to?
– Well… to check fasbook and thinkgs like that…

– That´s great, with two balls.
Hey, why don´t you let me to sleep and you tell all this to your friend… this guy.. Billy Gats?

– Don’t talk to me about him… a few years ago he unadded me from Fasbook!

– Ok, whatever you want, but I’m going to turn off my phone because I think you and your ideas and inventions, are no normal.

Bip, bip, bip…

My God, if the idiots were flying, the sky would be always cloudy.